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Andrew Garfield turns 40, a look back on his career

I will be honest, I have been a fan of both Marvel and DC. Yes I know that is a constant source of debate among many movie buffs but I sincerely see no point in debating over it. Both have produced many seminal works of art ranging from comics to movies and since it is a free world, you do not need to feel tied to any particular loyalty, watch whatever the heck you want. The article I write today has Marvel associations so maybe I have jokingly contradicted myself. I watched Spiderman 3 a grand total of 50 times, for I found it the perfect culmination to the trilogy and was a sincere fan of Tobey Maguire until he became a smouldering PR disaster.

So I was naturally not elated when I found out that he was being replaced by a very young looking but fresh faced newer guy named Andrew Garfield. In my childish enthusiasm and after  a lot of persuasion by my friends, I watched the new Amazing Spiderman movie and soon I was a fan, still am till date. He still has not aged a bit and I have a hard time believing he is now 40 and I am 22( talk about the mandatory existentialism in your adulthood eh?) 

Jude Law, the testament to good looks.

The wine of youth and fame overflows for this guy and it is not merely by dint of his leonine good looks and charisma, although they helped the mega popular Jude Law, but then the scandals may have overshadowed the talent. The roles Andrew chooses are such technical and metaphorical perfection, not once do you feel he was miscast. They are roles you want to watch- like who would not want to see the Facebook story and then the role of Eduardo Saverin, a major stakeholder or the now legendary Jonathan Larson, a role that made headlines and got him nominated him for the penultimate Oscars, although the golden statuette eludes him like it did for good old Leo Di Caprio, maybe he should now do a Revenant style movie, both have potential and similar intense acting styles, it may finally work for him.

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