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Bhubaneswar school turns into drinking den at night, police report

No night-time security guard or caretaker is employed at the school. As well as drinking on campus, the alcoholics break open empty bottles in the morning, which is dangerous for the students.

According to reports, drunkards and drug addicts use Baramunda Upper Primary (UP) School in Bhubaneswar as a safe haven after sunset.

There is neither a night security guard or a caretaker at the school, according to reports. Students in the morning are at risk from the drunken students not only drinking on campus but also breaking the empty bottles.

Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the worst days for drunkards, according to sources. It is common for alcoholics to gather in schools on those days and eat non-vegetarian food items and liquor, making the school unhygienic for the students.

Empty liquor bottles rolling across the school grounds are a common sight,” Ramachandra Ranasingh, corporator for Ward 50, remarked. Security guards or caretakers are not present to protect the school from antisocial students.”

This school is also a den for drug addicts who smoke weed. We’ve reported it to the police many times, but the PCR van never comes to patrol the area,” he said.

No comment was available from the police.

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