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Controversy Surrounds Aurangzeb Film as Groups Call for Boycott

The Nationalist Youth Congress and the Fraternity Movement have opposed the screening of a film in India titled “Aurangzeb: The Man and the Myth,” alleging that it distorts the history of India’s Mughal empire. The film, directed by a well-known historian, examines the life and legacy of Emperor Aurangzeb, one of the most controversial figures in Indian history.

While some view him as a great ruler who expanded the Mughal empire, others see him as a tyrant who committed atrocities against non-Muslims and destroyed Hindu temples.

The organizations assert that the movie favourably portrays Aurangzeb and downplays his purported atrocities against Hindus. They have vowed to disrupt screenings and called for a boycott of the movie. The film’s creators have defended it, claiming that it offers a fair depiction of Aurangzeb’s life and rule. The goal of the movie is to promote discussion and comprehension of Indian history.

The controversy has created a discussion on how Indian history should be interpreted and how filmmakers should portray historical events. According to some, filmmakers need to be able to express their version of history without worrying about censorship or dissent. Others feel that historical fact-distorting or ignorant films should be criticized.

In the upcoming weeks, “Aurangzeb: The Man and the Myth” will be screened in a number of Indian locations. It’s unclear how the controversy will impact the movie’s box office performance or whether it will lead to an additional discussion on how Indian history should be interpreted.


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