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Goa Bachao Abhyan opposes Panaji’s development plans

Goa Bachao Abyan (GBA) and the opposition parliament condemned the conversion of land from orchards to settlements in favor of Morjim’s company, and hasty and harmful conversion of regional plans in favor of commercial interests.

It was his GBA’s massive mass movement around 2007 that forced the government to abolish his RP in 2011.

GBA Chair Sabina Martins said, “More than 60,000 square meters of natural orchards and areas without access to development slopes are one of the unconstitutional changes that circumvent all democratic and planning processes in the name of contradiction. It’s nothing more than
The Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA), formed on 3 December 2006, was established to oppose the Regional Plan (RP) 2011, but made special changes to the Outline Development Plans (ODP) to oppose the city. and is preparing to take another step backwards).
“How hopeless is it for the government to drop all appearances of governance and sell land under the guise of ‘contradictions’ not defined in 50 Series I, Gazette Notice Supplement 16 March 2023” ?”

What is defined is the payment associated with the change of zone, clearly indicating the focus on reducing the urban planning (TCP) sector to a transactional sector that does not require planning. GBA said.

“Governments must do their part or the entire green belt of Goa will be sold and redeveloped before the next elections. This unconstitutional move must stop now, it is a brazen fraud,” Martins demanded.

In response to the conversion of 62,000 square meters of land from orchards to a Morjim settlement, Congress claimed that the TCP division had approved the settlement of the corporation, Reddy, as part of the land within the forest. . There is no trend of development Lay partner of the Minister.

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