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Google announces advanced AI-based features in the Google Translate app: Here’s what’s new!

Leading tech company Google has recently announced multiple new AI-based features which will now provide more contextually relevant answers in the Google Translate app. These new features are going to be released for both mobile and web platforms. Reportedly, Google Translate will now use its AI to provide users with more accurate translation options based on the context of the sentence “in the intended, translated language.”

This essentially means that if you are looking to translate words that have multiple meanings, then Google Translate’s AI will figure the actual meaning based on the context and will use correct sets of phrases, local idioms and appropriate words depending on users’ purpose.

Google also shared that the Google Translate app will get a fresh look in iPhones in the upcoming weeks. The new design will reportedly come with a larger space for typing and provide better and more accessible data entry points in order to translate conversations, voice input, and Lens camera translation.

More new features like gestures, increased readability and on-device language expansion will also be available soon. These new gestures will make Translate more accessible on iPhones. They will enable users to select a language with fewer taps. Holding the language button will allow users to quickly pick a recently used language with a swipe alongside other gesture controls to provide easy access.

The translation results will now be displayed in a dynamic font that will adjust automatically as text is typed in. Google also revealed that 33 additional languages will now be available in the Google Translate mobile app to allow users to use Translate without network connectivity. 

Google also aims to expand web image translation services to allow users have more control when translating image-based web content. The AI and advanced machine learning models will be useful in providing a detailed translation of image-based searches while keeping the nuances and details of the background image intact.

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