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ISIS chief encounter in Syria

The suspected leader of ISIS has been encountered in Syria by Turkey’s MIT intelligence agency. Information given by the Turkish president in Recap Tayyip Erdogan

The leader of Daesh, codenamed Abu Hussein Al-Qurashi, was killed in an operation carried out by MIT in Syria on Saturday.

An AFP source in northern Syria said Turkish intelligence and local military sealed off a zone in Jindires on Saturday in the northwest region of Afrin after an operation had been conducted on an Islamic school.

Turkey has sent troops to northern Syria to control entire zones with the help of Syrian auxiliaries since 2020.

The US conducted an operation by helicopter in northern Syria in mid-April. US central command gives information that Abd-Al Hadi Mahmud Al-Haji Ali, leader of ISIS, was killed in the operation with 41 people, 24 of them civilians, in Syria on April 16.

According to the report, US forces are responsible for the planned attack in Europe by ISIS leader Khalid Aydd Ahmad al-Jabouri. He controls swathes of Iraq and Syria, ISIS claimed.

However, it now controls much of the territory it once controlled, but still, ISIS launched attacks in Syria.

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