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Japanese Foreign Minister Visits Ukraine to Show Support and Discuss Sanctions Against Russia

Today, a team of important business leaders from Japan, led by Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, visited Ukraine. According to the Japanese foreign ministry, this visit intends to show Japan’s solidarity with the war-torn nation.

Minister Hayashi’s travel to Ukraine is his first since the war started more than a year ago. Japan has been actively involved in aiding Ukraine through a variety of measures, including humanitarian aid and non-lethal military weapons. Minister Hayashi will meet with Dmytro Kuleba, the foreign minister of Ukraine, while in Kyiv to discuss important national concerns. This diplomatic mission demonstrates Japan’s dedication to aiding Ukraine in recovering and reestablishing its infrastructure and economy in the wake of the bloody conflict.

Minister Hayashi also intends to travel to Bucha, one of the Kyiv region towns that has been severely damaged by the war. Under the condition of anonymity, a representative of the Japanese foreign ministry said that the minister’s visit to Bucha represents Japan’s resolve to support Ukraine’s economic recovery and reconstruction “from a uniquely Japanese perspective.”

In addition, Tokyo has announced intentions to convene a Japan-Ukraine conference, probably slated for the end of this year or early next year, to discuss the economic restoration of the war-torn nation. Discussions about Ukraine’s requirements for reconstruction and potential areas of cooperation between the two countries will be held on this conference’s platform.

A group of Japanese businessmen, including Teppei Sakano, head of the Allm Co., and Hiroshi Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten Group, are traveling with Minister Hayashi. The delegation’s main goal is to assess the situation in Ukraine on the ground. With contributions totaling more than $7 billion, Japan has made a significant contribution to Ukraine’s rehabilitation efforts. Due to legislative restrictions imposed by Japan’s pacifist Constitution, Japan has only issued non-lethal weaponry as military hardware.

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