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Manipur’s populace: the nation is with you. I assure you that the sun of peace will rise once more.

The Opposition INDIA coalition, the Congress, and the Gandhi family, in particular, came under fire from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday in a vehement response to the no-confidence motion against his administration, claiming that “people of the country” have “no confidence” in them.

After three days of debate in the Lok Sabha on the no-trust resolution, Modi concluded the debate by saying, “With the way you abuse democracy and this country, with the way you abuse me, I am sure the country will brighten the prospect of a BJP-led NDA” and it will take office again in 2024 for a third term.
After the Prime Minister responded, a voice vote was taken to reject the no-trust resolution. The opposition staged a walkout earlier in protest that he had avoided addressing the Manipur issue till 90 minutes into his speech.
While accusing the Congress of “being the origin of all problems in the North-East,” Modi told the residents of Manipur that the nation was behind them and that the “sun of peace” would rise once more in the state.
He supported the state government’s efforts and accused the opposition of “playing politics” regarding the Manipur situation. He added, “People of Manipur – mothers, sisters, and daughters – the country is with you. The Centre is working hard to give the harshest punishment to those involved in crimes in Manipur. Together, we can overcome this obstacle and ensure peace again. I guarantee the Manipureans that the state will restart its growth journey.

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