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Massive Landslide in Himachal Pradesh: State Government declares red alert in the State


In an unfortunate incident today, a massive landslide was seen in Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu district, resulting in the destruction and sliding of numerous houses. This natural calamity was not expected but IMD anticipated and made a red alert in Himachal Pradesh due to heavy rainfall seen in many nearby states.

There are still many safety concerns about individuals who were living there and it is suspected them to be trapped beneath the debris. 

There are many disturbing images and videos of the landslide that revealed multiple multi-story buildings collapsing, leaving behind a dense cloud of dust and debris.

X (formerly known as ‘twitter’): https://twitter.com/SukhuSukhvinder/status/1694579334139535719?s=20

Rapid response teams, including the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), have been swiftly mobilized to rescue potential survivors entrapped by the landslide.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a red alert for Himachal Pradesh, predicting heavy to very heavy rainfall over the next 48 hours, commencing today.

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu expressed his concern on a social media platform, stating, “An unsettling scene unfolded in Anni, Kullu, as a sizeable commercial establishment succumbed to a devastating landslide.

It’s important to note that authorities had recognized the risk and efficiently evacuated the building two days ago.” The Chief Minister conveyed his message on X, the former name of Twitter.

The ongoing intense rain has subjected numerous areas of the state to relentless downpours, leaving inhabitants to cope with the harsh conditions.

Following the heavy rainfall, a multitude of vehicles found themselves stranded on the Kullu-Mandi Highway, which sustained substantial damage due to the inclement weather.

Government Initiates Relief Measures

Sakshi Verma, a senior officer in the Kullu police force, conveyed, “Both the Kullu-Mandi road and the alternate route through Pandoh have suffered damages, rendering traffic movement impossible at this juncture.”

One of the main causes of such great devastation was constant rainfall that has led to widespread devastation, characterized by landslides, cloudbursts, and flash floods in the ecologically fragile hill state. 

The State Government with its experts and observation declared the entire region as a “natural calamity-affected area,” with efforts underway to gauge the extent of the destruction and provide aid to those affected.

A total of 709 roadways have been rendered inaccessible due to three distinct episodes of heavy rainfall during this monsoon season.

Himachal Pradesh authorities estimate the cumulative impairment to public infrastructure caused by the persistent rain havoc to be around ₹8,014.61 crore since June 24, coinciding with the advent of the monsoon.

According to official state statistics, the ongoing deluge has led to the complete destruction of 2,022 houses and minor damage to 9,615 more. The state has also documented 113 landslides, resulting in extensive infrastructural harm and the displacement of numerous residents.

As per a government bulletin, the incessant rain has claimed the lives of 224 individuals, with an additional 117 fatalities attributed to rain-related accidents.

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