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Overseas nationals advised to practice caution in Canada: India

India has warned overseas students to practice caution while residing in Canada

Early this week, India warned overseas citizens living in Canada to act with caution. Currently, the two countries are in a tiff due to the death of a Canadian Sikh leader. Following his death, India and Canada have expelled diplomats. 

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Previously, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that credible sources indicate that Indian agents were involved in the death of Hardeep Singh Nijjar from British Columbia. 

The Indian foreign ministry released a statement saying there are rising anti-India activities and hate crimes in Canada. All overseas nationals and those travelling soon must act cautiously. There are no details about the incidents. 

Subsequently, Canadian Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc stated that Canada is a safe country. 

Prime Minister Modi’s administration has denied all allegations of involvement in Nijjar’s death. According to the statement released by the ministry, overseas students are to be cautious. While India has been cautioning its citizens, Canada released a security advisory to its citizens while travelling to the country. 

Meanwhile, Canada had also released a health advisory while travelling to India. The advisory warned tourists regarding COVID-19, measles, and the Zika virus. Canada claims the advisory was part of a routine health update. 

The mass population of overseas students

Following the 2018 intake, Indian students have been a large portion of overseas students. Furthermore, that figure rose to 47%, with 320,000 students making up 40% of overseas students in Canada.

Canadian officials decline to explain why Indian agents were involved in Nijjar’s death. 

The United States is concerned by the accusations.

Eric Garcetti is the U.S. Ambassador stationed in India. He states that perpetrators must be held accountable. ANI, an Indian news agency, quoted Garcetti as saying that traditional partners and friends should cooperate to resolve the matter. 

The BJP opposition, i.e., Congress, has also rejected Canada’s claims of Indian involvement. Abhishek Manu Singhvi explicitly stated that Trudeau’s defense of terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar shows Canada’s compliance with the Khalistani Movement.

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