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Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Wayanand after disqualification unleashes his political plans

In his maiden visit to Wayanad since his disqualification as a Lok Sabha member, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said BJP can take away all his posts but it can’t stop him from representing the people of Wayanad.

Addressing a Congress-led UDF rally at Kalpetta town of Wayanad district along with his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and other leaders, Rahul said the disqualification will only deepen his relation with the people. “MP is only a position, BJP can take away that tag, they can put me in jail, take away my house and my posts, but they cannot stop me from representing the people of Wayanad.’’

Priyanka in her speech urged the gathering to become “checks and balances” when institutions in the country are failing.

According to Rahul, the government was “uncomfortable” with the issues and questions he highlighted. The best favour they could have done for me would have been to disqualify me. When the BJP is evicting me from my home, removing me from my position as an MP, and abusing me… I understand that I’m correct, he said.

Rahul vowed to keep advocating for the needs of the Wayanad people. “People in Wayanad and throughout the nation desire to live in freedom. Nobody wants to reside in a nation where only four or five people have all the wealth. I’ve been battling the BJP for a while now, and they still don’t get that their opponent is invincible. They sent the cops to my residence in the hopes that I would become alarmed. Living in the house is not exciting. During the floods, I witnessed Wayanad residents losing their homes. You have taught me a lot. Take my house away. I’ll keep bringing up the concerns of the people of India and Wayanad,” he declared.

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