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Rare Gem with a Rich History: Briolette of India on the Market

A priceless diamond known as the Briolette of India, belonged to an Indian maharaja and is expected to fetch between $5 million and $8 million at auction, will be offered. The 34.17-carat diamond is a rare, intriguing, and colorless gemstone. It was found in the Golconda mines in India in the 17th century and later bought by French businessman and explorer Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, who shipped it to Europe. The diamond was purchased by French King Louis XIV, who had a pear-shaped briolette cut out of it.

The diamond was sold to numerous individuals over the years, including one Indian maharaja who wore it as a pendant on his turban to symbolize his authority and fortune. The Briolette of India, which Christie’s in Geneva will auction off on May 12, is described as “a supremely rare and exceptional gemstone.” It is highly coveted by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide for its distinctive shape and colorless clarity. Buyers from Asia and the Middle East, who are renowned for their passion for rare and distinctive gemstones, are anticipated to show interest in the diamond.

The Briolette of India’s sale is a testament to the enduring appeal of rare and unique gemstones, and the continuing fascination with India’s rich cultural and artistic heritage. The diamond’s remarkable history and beauty make it a one-of-a-kind gemstone that is expected to command a high price at auction.

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