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RSS a fundamentalist and nationalist movement : Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, the president of the Legislature, referred to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as a “fundamentalist” and “nationalist” movement at a discussion at the Chatham House in the British capital and claimed that it has effectively taken control of all of India’s establishments. The fundamentalist, authoritarian entity called as RSS, one that has essentially taken control of virtually all of India’s establishments, has transformed the essence of representative democracy competition in India, according to Rahul Gandhi.The Congressman brought the issue of the plight of minorities and Backward classes in India.Parliament is not expressing it, though. A lot of headlines in the international media claiming that India’s democratic republic is highly problematic.” The Senator also noted how the different institutions throughout the nation were already under attack.

“How well they managed to capture the many organisations of the nation astounded me. The press, the judiciary, the legislature, and also the electoral process have all been threatened and in some manner within influence “declared Rahul Gandhi.During our time in charge, Pegasus wasn’t really displayed on my mobile smartphone “Furthermore, he said.

Throughout a talk at Harvard University, the Union minister made headlines by launching a brutal attack on the Centre. He said that an offensive had been conducted against the fundamentals of Indian sovereignty and claimed that the Israeli spy Pegasus was being employed to eavesdrop on mobile phone.

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