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Spread of Democracy, Global Welfare Require Young Leaders’ Commitment, Says Yogi Adityanath

The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, stated on Sunday that if young people throughout the world work together to uphold democracy, it will pave the way for human welfare not just in India but also globally.

Speaking to attendees of the Gen Next Democracy Network programme at his official residence, Adityanath said that all nations are cooperating in the spirit of India’s ancient motto “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (the world is a family), having adopted democracy in some form or another, calling it a matter of “great pride.”

According to a press release from the UP government, the Chief Minister honoured young leaders from Argentina, Botswana, Canada, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, and Lithuania during the occasion. “In Uttar Pradesh, we are implementing numerous programmes that are improving the lives of regular people and fostering their independence. Every citizen of the nation and state feels happy to be a part of Prime Minister Modi ji’s leadership because they know that not only is India in good hands, but that each individual’s interests are also safeguarded, he said.

In agreement with Modi, Adityanath referred to India as “the mother of all democracy.’’As for the production of food in India, he added: “Uttar Pradesh plays the most significant role in this state. We generate 20% of the foodgrains consumed in India on land that is only 1% arable.’’ The state of Uttar Pradesh is the leader in food grain production in India.

‘Uttar Pradesh is the leader in sugarcane output. In terms of both vegetable and milk production, Uttar Pradesh tops the list. The work done in Uttar Pradesh’s infrastructure sector over the past few years has given the state and the entire nation a new sense of confidence.” Adityanath welcomed the young leaders and expressed his happiness that they had come to Lucknow after seeing Kashi, “the oldest city in the world.”

“The presence of Japan’s youthful leaders makes me glad. India and the state of Uttar Pradesh have a significant impact on Japan’s recollections, as they were both the locations of Lord Buddha’s enlightenment, attainment of perfection, Mahaparinirvana, and sacred sites. There have long been cultural ties between Japan and India “added he. The CM praised Shinzo Abe, a former Japanese prime minister, as having improved ties via the India-Japan Cultural Council. “I’m glad that Indonesia’s Ramlila attracts the people of all of Uttar Pradesh, and I encourage Indonesia’s Ramlila to perform in Ayodhya, the location of Lord Ram’s birth, every year,” he said. From January 22 to December 31, 2023, India will host the seventh group of young leaders as part of a brand-new programme called the Gen Next Democracy Network.

The event was organised by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), a part of India’s Ministry of External Affairs. Young, up-and-coming leaders from around the world will travel to India as part of an initiative to gain a thorough understanding of the nation’s democratic traditions, cultural legacy, development initiatives, and customs at the Union and State levels.

The programme is divided into several groups, consisting of approximately seven to eight countries with two to five representatives from each country in each group. ICCR has so far hosted six batches of Gen-Next Democracy Network Programme delegates from 31 countries.

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