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Sudan Violence grabs attention of militaries world-wide

The conflict in the struggling African country of Sudan is drawing in armed forces from all over the world.

Tens of thousands of fighters are involved in the conflict between Gen. Mohammad Fattah al-Burhan’s Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Gen. Mohamed Mamdan Dagalo (also known as “Hemedti”) and his Rapid Support Forces (RSF), which has recently escalated inside the capital Khartoum and attracted attention from around the world. After the country’s prime minister was overthrown in a military coup 18 months ago, the competing generals are squabbling for power.

Although it did not specifically state the location of potential operations, the Biden administration announced Thursday afternoon that the Defence Department will deploy military capabilities to the area – likely at its current base in Djibouti, at least in part – to prepare to evacuate the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum if violence there worsens.

According to what NSC spokesperson John Kirby told the media, the POTUS has ordered the US Military to pre-position their forces and develop options.

No evidence has been found, according to Kirby, that either side is intentionally pursuing, attempting to harm, or targeting Americans. But it’s clear that things are perilous.

According to recent reports, Wagner’s partner in Libya and warring leader of Libyan Khalifa Haftar has already supported the Rapid Support Forces.

“Pairing Wagner logistical support for the RSF with Haftar’s assistance is an option that could allow Wagner to put a thumb on the scale while maintaining a layer of deniability,” an insider source quoted.

Others argue that despite increased foreign participation in Sudan, the prospects for peace currently remain dim. The Soudan Centre, a private intelligence firm, stated in an analysis note earlier this week that a return to stability or civilian rule is unlikely in the near to medium term, regardless of the outcome of the massive fight between forces loyal to the two senior Sudanese military leaders. The ferocious power battle occurs as Russia, the West, and Sudan’s neighbors strive for position and advantage in the vast African nation.

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