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Canadian Authorities Cancel Venue for ‘Khalistan Referendum’ Amid Controversy

In a recent development, Canadian authorities withdrew their approval for the ‘Khalistan Referendum’ to be held at a public school, which was a blow for its organizers. At Surrey, British Columbia’s Tamanawis Secondary School, the referendum was slated on September 10. But the Surrey District School Board’s justification for the cancellation—a breach of the leasing agreement—has sparked questions and conflicts.

The primary cause for revoking authorization was the inclusion of photographs of the school and a firearm in the event’s promotional materials. An AK-47 machine rifle and a ‘kirpan’ were prominently included on the referendum poster, which is noteworthy. The event’s organizers made several attempts to address the situation but were unsuccessful each time.

A Surrey District School Board representative underlined their dedication to offering high-quality instruction for children and the school community. With a view to fostering a secure atmosphere for all, they decided to cancel the rental arrangement. These guidelines must be followed by any organization renting their premises.

The recent issue surrounding the ‘Khalistan Referendum’ in Canada adds to persistent concerns expressed by the Indian government. India has reiterated its displeasure over Canadian territory being used for activities related to the secessionist referendum. It remains uncertain whether a new date for the referendum will be announced as the situation evolves. This underscores the intricate dynamics of this issue and its impact on Canada-India relations.

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