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Underconstructed Goa Bus Stand inaugarated twice in 30 years

The pace of renovations at the Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) terminal at Ponda, a major interstate bus station, may be slower than the pace of laziness. This bus stop was first opened by then Goan Prime Minister Ravinaik in 1992 and his 2017. The current government has given the go-ahead to rebuild with new facilities.

But now, almost six years ago, work has nearly come to a standstill.

Herald TV was there for a ground inspection. The road leading to the bus stop is full of large crater-like potholes. A mere sight of the bus stop assures bus commuters and citizens that renovations have been stopped.

There was no site manager at the construction site and the 4-5 construction workers rarely got an afternoon rest. Surprisingly, her life was in complete danger as commercial gas cylinders were used for food preparation instead of home LPG cylinders.

Several new concrete piers were erected at the site and several columns were placed under them. The new asbestos sheets used to cover the roof are thoroughly mixed with the old discarded sheets. Other fresh building materials were dumped in unguarded corners.

There was also a pile of garbage at the end of the line that the cows would eat, as the terminal is not undergoing regular maintenance work.

KTC employees were completely ignorant of bus timetables. This reporter found how relaxed the staff were, and when asked by the reporter when the next bus to Margao would be available, the staff simply said no and asked the reporter to take a private bus instead. I asked. With jobs abandoned, cows turning bus stops into stables, and travel services poor, street kids found it convenient to have fun at bus stops. Other exhibits revealed that empty liquor bottles ranging from beer to whiskey were strewn everywhere.

With urgent rebuilding work underway, the government, especially the Ministry of Transport, must find a catalyst to accelerate work and make the terminal a reality.

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