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Vote from Home option: Election Commission

In the approaching parliamentary elections in Karnataka, the Election Committee said on Saturday that it had added the option for voters over eighty and some with impairments to cast ballots from the comfort of their homes.

For the initial time, the Election Commission of India will make the service available to people over 80. To exercise the right to vote, our staff will travel there using voter registration document 12D, Rajiv Kumar, the election commissioner’s office.

The senior elected official said contestants could use the SUVIDHA website to request authorization for gatherings and protests.

For the convenience of electors, the Election Commission of India has launched an advertising initiative dubbed Knowing Your Candidates (KYC). “Political groups must explain to the electorate on official social networking pages and websites why they selected a person with a history of violence and offered them a permit to run for office,” Kumar added.

Referring to the  upcoming council elections, Kumar mentioned the fact that there are 36 chairs designated for the Scheduled Cast and fifteen for the Scheduled Tribes in the district, which has 224 districts. 5.21 crores people, comprising 2.59 females, are registered to cast their votes.

There are 58,272 voting places throughout the region, 24,063 of which are in cities. There are 883 participants on total every location.

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