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West Bengal witnesses another wave of violence during the re-poll of Panchayat Election.

West Bengal which is infamous for violence during Polls saw another wave of violence after Panchayat Election on 8th July. Re-polling was rescheduled 10th July (Monday) after violence broke out in some districts of the state. The death toll took a boost to 18 on the day of election (i.e., 8th July). Some of the epicenter of riots among the 22 districts in the state were Murshidabad and Malda.

Many notorious activities were reported on 8th July. Ballot Paper was destroyed in many polling booths. In certain places Ballot boxes were looted. And many parties claimed the death of their party workers. On Monday the official death count in the Panchayat election took a rise to 20 people.

On Monday, 700 polling booths were set up for re-polling across 19 districts in the state. Re-polling is supposed to be conducted under the supervision of central forces, especially in the riot-prone areas. Voting is scheduled to be conducted till 5 in the evening. As per the latest stats the death toll reached up to 20 people during the re-polling.

Casualties Reported

All India Trinamool Congress tweeted and accused BJP of propagating attacks on AITMC workers and supporters across the state.

On Monday, A distressing event took place in a polling booth in North Dinajpur as a BSF personnel opened fire which resulted in several injuries. Later, the father-in-law of a CPI(M) Candidate was beaten up badly by TMC party workers. He had to be rushed to hospital immediately. On Monday morning Sangeeta Mondal, a BJP candidate’s brother in law’s decomposed body was found in the field in Nadia district.

AITMC took to twitter on Monday to mourn the attack on president of Tamluk unit head, Chanchal Khanra.

Though the state election commissioner Rajiv Sinha stated “Re-polling has been conducted peacefully till now” after he reached the SEC office today.

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