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11 Killed in the fresh violence in Manipur 

Manipur: Fresh violence broke out in ethnic violence-hit Manipur atKhamenlok in Imphal East district on Tuesday last night. At least eleven villagers were massacred in the clash and several people were injured. As the hospital sources, the death toll could increase as some of the injured people are admitted to ICUs. The dead-bodied people are kept at the J.N. Institute of Medical Sciences, Porompat in Imphal.

According to the Manipur police, the militants put several bombs and other explosives in the Khamenlok region on Tuesday night that Killed and injured several villagers. Villagers ran out of their hikes and flee to safe areas. Militants opened fires on the fleeing villagers as well and caused several causalities. Police forces were quick to reach Khamenlok to curb further violence. After a short exchange of fire, tribal militants retreated.

Khamenlok region has been an old battleground for Kuki tribal militants and the non-tribal Meiteis. In the last few weeks, several people were killed in clashes with militant groups who are attacked with many sophisticated weapons.

Speaking about the incident, the CLP leader, Okram Ibobi, said that when there is an election in the state, BJP “bigshots” immediately come to Manipur without delay but no one is coming now. 

“Today no such leader is seen here. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not spoken a word on these killings which had started from May 3. Representatives of ten political parties are planning to rush to Delhi to demand a lasting solution to the bloody confrontations”, said Ibobi

“The parties are demanding a special session of the Manipur Assembly to discuss the burgeoning bloodshed. The violence Manipur is experiencing now is quite unprecedented.”, he added further.

The District Magistrates in Imphal East and Imphal West had decreased the curfew time. On Monday, given the “improved law and order situation,” the time durations of the curfew were shortened in these two districts from 5 am to 8 pm.

However, curfew hours were revised when women protested the firing of tear gas canisters and rubber billets in the Imphal areas. During the clashes, security personnel smashed the windscreens of cars. Houses were also fired on smashing their window panes. The curfew hours have been rescheduled to 5 am to 6 pm in these two districts.

The protests happened outside the former CM, Late R.K. Dorendra too by several women. On Monday, the house was fired on by security personnel in the night when women protested the smashing wind of the screen of the parked cars nearby.

Women in the rest of Manipur are also protesting demanding the implementation of the National Register of Citizenship (NRC). The women are also taking out rallies to come down heavily on the quote/unquote “narco-terrorism” in Manipur. The demand is also the withdrawal of Assam Rifles commandos from Manipur saying that they are discriminating against our communities(Meiteis).

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