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Farmers Gear Up for “Delhi Chalo” March as Talks with Government Stall, Security Heightened in Capital

Following a six-hour meeting with no resolution, farmer unions representing thousands of protesters across India announced their plans to resume their “Delhi Chalo” march on Tuesday. This development has led to heightened security measures in the capital city, with authorities deploying additional police personnel and erecting barricades at key entry points.

The latest escalation comes after a meeting between farmer leaders and Union ministers in Chandigarh failed to yield any concrete agreements. Farmers have been demanding the complete repeal of three contentious farm laws passed in 2020, as well as a legal guarantee for Minimum Support Price (MSP) for their crops. However, the government has so far offered concessions on MSP and electricity reforms, which farmer unions deem insufficient.

Nationwide Support and Preparations:

The call for the “Delhi Chalo” march has garnered widespread support from farmers across the country, particularly in Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. Several farmer unions have announced plans to mobilize their members and converge on Delhi from various border points. Visuals shared on social media depict large gatherings of farmers preparing for the march, packing essentials, and holding meetings to strategize.

Security Tightens in Delhi:

In anticipation of the march, Delhi authorities have implemented a multi-layered security plan. Police personnel have been deployed in large numbers at all major entry points, including Singhu, Tikri, and Ghazipur borders, which witnessed prolonged protests last year. Barricades and concertina wires have been erected to restrict movement, and additional forces have been placed on standby to maintain order.

Impact and Public Response:

The potential resumption of the “Delhi Chalo” march could lead to traffic disruptions and public inconvenience in Delhi and surrounding areas. The government has appealed to farmers to maintain peace and engage in constructive dialogue, while farmer unions remain adamant about their demands. The public opinion remains divided, with some expressing solidarity with the farmers’ cause and others urging for a peaceful resolution through dialogue.

Uncertain Future:

The current impasse between farmers and the government raises concerns about the future of the ongoing protest. While both sides have expressed their willingness to find a solution, the lack of concrete agreements points towards a prolonged standoff. Whether the “Delhi Chalo” march will lead to further escalation or pave the way for renewed dialogue remains to be seen.

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