Elon Musk shared his twitter account details :Accidentally

On Monday, Musk shared a screenshot of the navigation menu to show how the creators use the subscriptions for creating exclusive content, which allows the creators to offer bonus content for followers. During this session, one of the Twitter sleuths quickly noticed that Musk had gained a whopping 24,7000 subscribers paying $4 to hide his account since April 15. If the transaction happened, the Musk bank would earn about $1.2 million per year. It is not clear what kind of “exclusive content” he offers.
In the screenshot, one of the Twitter Doge Designers pointed out that the menu showed Musk was signed in to a secondary profile on Twitter. Which featured a profile picture of a child holding a silver toy rocket. Which was the $300 chrome model of Musk’s starship model to play.
Another fact about the child’s identity is in the account’s most recent tweet: “I will finally turn 3 on May 4th.
Anyway, on Twitter, Musk fans posted within hours a tweet with the claim that the second account was handled by @Ermn Musk with the profile name of @Elon Musk. They claimed that it is an alternate account of Musk, which was signed in November 2022 after the cancellation of the deal to buy Twitter.
Some other facts found in the account of 34 people in @Ermn Musk is following one of them, Stephen King, and the others, Musk, who are frequently found over Twitter. President Donald Trump allowed Musk on Twitter, but they did not follow him, and yet they have not tweeted.