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AAP leader held in 1 crore extortion case

Bhavnagar police in Gujarat have arrested whistleblower Yuvrajsinh Jadeja, head of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). This person reported a leaked survey after hours of questioning in connection with a recent dummy candidate exam scam. Jadeja is accused of extorting 10 million rupees from a fraud suspect.

“The arrest of Yuvrajsinh Jadeja took place at 11 p.m. Friday. His five remaining defendants in the new case have not yet been arrested,” said a Bhavnagar Local Crime Board (LCB) official. According to FIR, Dave, through his wife, Ila, sent a video of him to his friend, Ghanshyam, on March 25, in which Jadeja contributed as a fake candidate for a student named Rishit. I found out that I told Ladhwa that I was going to expose Dave. The FIR has named Jadeja’s brothers-in-law Shivva and Kamba, Radwa, Bipinhi as defendants under section 386 (threat by intimidating a person to death or serious injury) and section 388 (threat by intimidation). of Trivedi, and a person named Raju.

Section 120B of the Indian Penal Code (crimes of conspiracy). According to FIR, Jadeja reportedly initially asked Dave for 700,000 rupees. Jadeja then asked Dave to confirm the names of the three people, Rajan Dave, Rakesh Barayya and Perth Pandya, and who worked for them. Ultimately, the deal closed at Rs 450,000.

On 29 March, Dave reportedly arranged for his 450,000 rupees and gave it to Radwa. On April 5, when Jadeja called his Ladhwa, he reportedly promised Dave that his name would not be among the seven names he announced at the press conference. Dave was later reportedly informed that Rishit’s video was “forcibly shot” by Jadeja, and that all names would be announced at a press conference. defendants like Dave) also demanded money. Bariya and he are said to have struck a deal for 55,000 rupees and paid the sum by 4 April.

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