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Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary suspended from parliament over anti Prime Minister remarks

India has given the gift of fables to the world, alongwith Greece, the contributions being Aesop’s fables and the Panchtantra respectively, so it would be the most natural course of action that the natives of these lands and also the ones who sort their reading lists surgically that these references would be alluded to, and what better place, then in a gathering where if a man can time his remarks properly and then makes a habit of doing so, and if he does become well known for it, while enjoying the reputation Lord Byron or Oscar Wilde did, then why shouldn’t he?

There is nothing wrong too, in being mesmerized by personalities like these, they mesmerized entire nations with their wit and enjoyed it as well, so naturally it is a tempting proposition. But maybe a filter can be applied in a place like the Parliament. No, no, I do not mean to censor wit itself by such a statement, in fact now records are being prepared where we can actually access the witty remarks made in such surroundings and they are absolutely delightful but then they calling the Prime Minister a blind king in the Lok Sabha itself has to be a frightful faux pas by all standards of wit.

This error is attributed to the now disgraced Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary who said the same with a theatricality that makes you wonder if he could have pursued a career in the lines of thespianhood and not statehood. The remarks were censored as is due, warnings were given as well by the competent authorities and while the opposition has naturally accused the rulers of unnecessary egotism, it still doesn’t rescind back the train of thought that could have been avoided in the first place

So much for oratory eh?

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