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Ajit Pawar claims, amid allegations of a “cold war” from the Maharashtra Oppn camp, that he has “not meddled in the CM’s authority.”

The leader of the NCP denied any such animosity on Saturday, a day after opposition leader Vijay Wadettiwar claimed that a “cold war” was going on between chief minister Eknath Shinde and deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar.

When questioned about the Chief Minister, Pawar responded, “The Chief Minister is not attending the function as he is not well.

“Earlier, Devendra Fadnavis was on one of his (Shinde’s) sides, and the other side, which was vacant, has been filled by me,” he continued. We are now both with him.

I have not meddled in the Chief Minister’s areas of authority, Pawar retorted in response to questions from the media regarding the alleged cold war. I can evaluate various construction projects and works because I am the Finance Minister. Is this something that bothers you?

Pawar’s remarks followed Wadettiwar’s accusation that the NCP leader had reviewed some projects involving basic infrastructure in the state instead of the Chief Minister.

The war room, which has been established to oversee the state’s essential infrastructure projects, is headed by the chief minister. Pawar has chosen to establish a separate monitoring section and is currently examining projects that the Chief Minister is supposed to review despite the fact that there is a war room in place. This suggests that a cold war between the two is in progress, Wadettiwar said on Friday in Mumbai.
Pawar responded further by saying, “The Chief Minister will make the final decision, but some people want to run a different news story. I’ve served as Pune’s District Guardian Minister for a while. Not the District Guardian Minister, but the Governor raises the flag in Pune on August 15,” he claimed.

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