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‘Baseless’ claims made against me, I have the right to respond to them.

Rahul Gandhi has said that he is entitled to address the “baseless” accusations leveled by other lawmakers in front of the entire parliament. Some of the most senior Lok Sabha members level these accusations.

It was discovered that Rahul Gandhi used rule 357, which permits “personal explanations,” in a letter to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. He also highlighted the case of then-Minister and BJP MP Ravi Shankar Prasad, who used the same provision to address Jyotiraditiya Scindia in the House of Representatives.

Moreover, he said that there are several examples showing how this privilege includes both refuting statements made in the public domain and in the Parliament that is published in the Lok Sabha Digital Library.

“The Rules of Natural Justice are outlined in Articles 14 and 21 of our Constitution, and they apply to Parliament just like they do to every other institution. They serve as a safeguard against administrative arbitrary decision-making and guarantee that everyone has the right to be heard in a matter that concerns them.

“You must agree that Parliament, of all institutions, cannot shirk its duty to uphold this right when doing so would be against the interests of the current administration.

In light of Rahul Gandhi’s most recent engagements in the UK, in which he continued, “Indian democracy is under siege and there is a full-scale assault on India’s institutions,” this letter was written.

The BJP saw this comment as defaming India on foreign grounds and calling for foreign interference in domestic affairs.

Rahul Gandhi wants to speak to clarify his comments, according to the Congress. The BJP, on the other hand, asserts that he is avoiding both chambers of Parliament and looking for foreign interventions while calling for an apology for his acts.

This disaster has prevented both houses from conducting any substantial activity to date. The budget session, which started on March 13, is already in its second phase.

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