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BBMP Revenue Inspector Arrested in Bribery Scandal: Lokayukta’s Ongoing Crackdown

In a significant development exposing corruption within the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the Karnataka Lokayukta police apprehended a BBMP revenue inspector for allegedly accepting a hefty bribe of Rs 5 lakh. The bribe was reportedly solicited in exchange for issuing ‘khatas,’ essential property assessment documents, for 79 flats within a Bengaluru apartment complex situated in Kodigehalli.

The accused, Natraj, held the position of revenue inspector in the Mahadevapura zone of BBMP. He is alleged to have demanded an exorbitant Rs 10,000 for each ‘khata,’ cumulatively amounting to Rs 7.90 lakh for the 79 flats. The complainant, Manjunath, who found himself entangled in this corrupt web, divulged that Natraj instructed him to make an initial advance payment of 60 percent, which equated to Rs 5 lakh. The remaining Rs 2.90 lakh, Natraj purportedly assured, could be remitted once the documents were in hand.

The Lokayukta police, acting on a tip-off, ensnared Natraj in the act of accepting the initial bribe at the BBMP office in Mahadevapura. The transaction was reportedly facilitated through an intermediary named Pavan. Both Natraj and Pavan are now facing charges under Section 7(a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Subsequent investigations led the authorities to Natraj’s residence, where a trove of incriminating evidence was seized. Notable among the confiscated items were 900 grams of gold jewelry, 7 kilograms of silver articles, and a quartet of vehicles including an Audi Q3, Innova Crysta, Hyundai Verna, and KIA Sonet. The authorities also confiscated a sum of Rs 80,000 in cash and documents related to a property registered in the name of Natraj’s wife, shedding light on potential illicit gains.

The apprehension of Natraj comes amidst a sweeping crackdown initiated by Lokayukta officials and judicial officers. This operation involves searching 45 BBMP office locations, particularly those linked to revenue and town planning. The intensified scrutiny follows a slew of complaints pertaining to corruption, irregular management practices, and the substantial backlog of pending files within the BBMP system.

As the investigation unfolds, this episode underscores the imperative for robust anti-corruption measures and the need for vigilant oversight to ensure the integrity and accountability of public institutions.

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