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‘Bhrastachari Bachao Abhiyan by the Opposition Parties” said, PM Modi

PM Modi on Tuesday took a dig at the opposition parties when he said they started a ‘Bhrastachari Bachao Abhiyan” (Save the corrupt campaign) he said, “India’s Constitutional institutions are being attacked” he further added. The speech was made after the inauguration of an extension of the Delhi headquarters of the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP), Modi said conspiracies are being cultivated” to question the credibility of Indian institutions. 

“The institutions of India are being attacked because of their strong constitutional roots…

Agencies are attacked when they take action, questions are being raised on the courts, and some parties have even started Bhrastachari Bachao Abhiyan”  he said. 

“Over the past nine years, BJP has been running campaigns to fight against corruption, which came as shock to the corrupt people, and history has it that whenever BJP comes to power it causes a big blow to the corrupts.”

He also stated that this is the first time in the past seven decades action against corruption is being taken. 

“When we do so much, some people will be outraged and furious, but because of their (the opposition’s) false accusations, the action against corruption won’t be halted,” the prime minister said. 

The prime minister also said that in a nation where most parties are run by families, BJP has emerged to be a party that works on the ground with people instead of blaming rivals and playing the blame game. 

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