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BJP gears up for elections following G20 success

PM Modi and BJP set up for elections following the success of G20 summit

India held the Group of 20 (G20) presidency and hosted the annual summit in New Delhi. The meeting was a step forward for India to establish itself on the global playing field. The weekend summit provided India with opportunities to work on global issues and let Modi establish himself as a leader.

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Analysts state that while the summit’s success is not concrete, it gave PM Modi and the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) the push to move forward. The party is now preparing for the state and national elections due in May 2024.  

In the weeks before the summit, G20 hoardings with Modi’s face appeared across the country. During the meeting, local TV channels broadcast the most footage of the Prime Minister meeting world leaders. Modi’s meeting with President Biden received praise as well. BJP social media accounts posted various world leaders praise for Modi. 

The summit perfunctorily covered the key issues. There were breakthroughs in critical areas, such as debt and climate change. These exchanges, however, bear little importance in the domestic politics. 

The success of the Chandrayaan-3 moon mission is another boost to Modi’s image. 

The opposition party, i.e., the Congress, has accused Modi and the BJP of using the G20 summit as an election campaign. The Congress states that while Modi promoted peace at the meeting, the BJP discriminated against minorities. The party follows a Hindu nationalist policy and supposedly suppresses minorities and opposes dissent. 

Influence of BJP

Sanjay Kumar, a psephologist, states that the message is that India’s image has gone up. In reality, Modi’s image has improved. It showcases that an Indian’s national pride has gone up as well. 

Modi is a highly favourable candidate in the upcoming elections. According to polls and surveys, Modi and the BJP will win the elections. They will win despite rising inflation, unemployment, and an uneven economic recovery. 

The BJP plans to use the success of the G20 summit as a highlight during Modi’s birthday celebrations starting this Sunday.

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