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BJP targets Bengal, TMC hits back

Union Home Minister Amit Shah asserted on Friday that once West Bengal sends 35 BJP MPs to the Lok Sabha and the party is able to form a government in the state, “no one will dare attack a Ram Navami procession in Bengal.” He claimed that the TMC’s “appeasement politics” “emboldened” people to target Ram Navami processions.

Shah advised attendees of a public gathering in Suri, in the Birbhum district, to vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi again in the next Lok Sabha elections since the TMC administration in West Bengal will fall if that happens.’The BJP is the only way to stop Didi (Mamata Banerjee) and Bhatija (nephew Abhishek Banerjee).

The BJP is the sole solution for ending violence, cow smuggling, and infiltration in West Bengal. Please, in the Lok Sabha elections of 2024, provide West Bengal at least 35 seats. The TMC government won’t last till 2025 if you grant us 35 seats’, he asserted.

‘At Rishra, Howrah, Ram Navami processions were recently attacked. I want to know if Ram Navami processions ought to be held outside in West Bengal. Why aren’t Ram Navami processions held in Bengal in a peaceful manner? Some people have become more assertive as a result of the Trinamool Congress’ appeasement policies. I want to reassure you that nobody will dare attack a Ram Navami procession in Bengal until you give Modiji 35 Lok Sabha seats from Bengal and elect the BJP to power’ he remarked.

In response, the TMC posted on Twitter that “a seasonal bird is here in Bengal but no one wants to view it… Nobody in Bengal is interested in your insults, lies, or agenda filled with hatred. Send your poison elsewhere.

“Amit Shah’s performance today was a flop, according to TMC spokesperson Kunal Ghosh. Nobody in Bengal or Birbhum gave his meeting any attention… This time, the BJP will struggle to secure even one Lok Sabha seat to begin its campaign.

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