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BJP’s alleged obsession with Supriya Sule’s family: A critical analysis

This article looks at Supriya Sule, the head of the Nationalist Congress Party, who said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is fixated on her father and brother. The purpose of the paper is to examine the setting, ramifications, and probable drivers of such a claim. It also takes into account the broader political environment and how such rhetoric has affected Indian politics.


In a recent remark, Supriya Sule, a prominent member of parliament and leader of the Nationalist Congress Party, accused the BJP of having an alleged fascination with her father, veteran politician Sharad Pawar, and her brother, a key figure in Maharashtra politics, Ajit Pawar. This research examines the relevance of this assertion and its prospective effects on India’s political system.


In Indian politics, the BJP and the NCP have long been adversaries, and their relations are frequently characterised by antagonistic statements and political mudslinging. Accusations and counteraccusations are frequent in Maharashtra and on a national level because both parties are seeking for power. The most recent argument in this discussion of political views comes from Supriya Sule.


Supriya Sule’s statement alleging the BJP’s obsession with her father and brother sheds light on the intense political rivalry between the NCP and the BJP. The veracity of the claim requires a thorough investigation to understand if there is any substance behind it. 

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