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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s India Visit Concludes After Aircraft Issue

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has bid farewell to India after overcoming a technical issue that momentarily grounded his aircraft. The incident unfolded following a tense meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the G20 summit.

A Warm Send-Off

Indian Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar extended his gratitude at the airport, expressing his appreciation for Mr. Trudeau’s presence at the G20 summit. He warmly wished the Canadian leader and his delegation a safe journey home.

Unforeseen Delays

Originally scheduled for departure on Sunday, Mr. Trudeau’s travel plans faced a two-day delay due to a technical snag affecting his plane.

Swift Resolution

The day began with reassuring news from Mohammad Hussain, Press Secretary to the Canadian Prime Minister, who confirmed the successful resolution of the technical issue, granting the aircraft clearance for takeoff.

The Cause of the Delay

Canada’s Department of National Defence issued a statement clarifying that the aircraft, a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) CC-150 Polaris bearing the tail number ’01,’ had encountered a “maintenance problem” related to a specific component that required replacement. The department emphasized its unwavering commitment to passenger safety and the effectiveness of their pre-flight safety checks.

A Substitute Aircraft En Route

To retrieve Mr. Trudeau, a replacement aircraft is en route to India. Reports from India suggest a possible diversion to the UK, although the precise reasons behind this decision remain undisclosed.

Previous Travel Hiccups

This incident isn’t Mr. Trudeau’s first brush with travel-related challenges. In 2019, a plane carrying journalists collided with an aircraft chartered for his campaign trail. Fortunately, he wasn’t onboard during the incident.

Tensions and Ties

Recent months have witnessed strains in Canada’s relationship with India, with negotiations on a trade treaty temporarily suspended. Political protests by Canada’s Sikh population have contributed to these diplomatic tensions.

Allegations and Investigations

The shooting death of Sikh separatist advocate Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British Columbia sparked protests in Toronto, with demonstrators accusing India of involvement. However, India vehemently denies these allegations, and the case remains under investigation.

Voicing Concerns

During their meeting, Mr. Modi raised concerns about the “continuing anti-India activities of extremist elements in Canada,” alleging the promotion of secessionism and incitement of violence. Mr. Trudeau emphasized the paramount importance of respecting the rule of law, democratic principles, and national sovereignty.

Global Interference Discussions

Mr. Trudeau disclosed that his discussions with Mr. Modi also touched upon foreign interference in Canada’s affairs. Canada’s sweeping investigation into election interference now includes India, alongside China and Russia.

As the discussions concluded, and the aircraft issue was successfully resolved, Prime Minister Trudeau bid adieu to India, marking the conclusion of his visit to the G20 summit.

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