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Chandrayaan-3: landing point named “Shiv Shakti Point”, landing day noted “National Space Day”, clashing point named “Tiranga point”

The landing point of Chandrayaan-3’s lander is named “Shiv Shakti Point”, the date of its landing is noted “National Space Day”, and its clashing point is named “Tiranga Point“.

This very morning, Prime Minister Modi visited the ISRO facility in Bengaluru to congratulate the scientists who worked on Chandrayaan-3. And at the gathering, while addressing the scientists, the PM made these announcements.

“India has decided to name the touchdown point where Vikram Lander made a soft landing on the Moon “Shiv Shakti Point”. The word “Shiv” stands for the welfare of humanity. “Shakti” stands for the required strength to get going to achieve the welfare of humanity,” he stated. He stated that the Shiv-Shakti point will symbolize the unity from the Himalaya to Kanyakumari. And it will inspire the future generation to use science for the welfare of humanity.

He further said that they had decided to name the point of Chandrayaan-2, earlier. But due to its failure, they postponed naming the point until a soft landing on the moon was achieved.

“Tiranga  (tricolour) is afloat on every home, in every heart and now on the Moon. What else could be the name of the point? The point on the Moon where Chandrayaan Mission-2 left its imprints would be called “Tiranga.”

PM Modi added that this point will symbolise that failure is not the end. And it will also be a testimonial to the fact that commitment guarantees success. It will serve as inspiration.

He also added that this mission has instilled inspiration in the whole generation. He said that every child who seeds the Moon will have the spirit of achievement inside him. 

“Hindustan (India) will celebrate the day of soft landing on the Moon as the National Space Day on August 23 every year. On National Space Day, we will celebrate science, technology and innovation and seek inspiration from our momentous achievements,” PM Modi explained.

Chairman of ISRO S. Somnath, U.R. Rao Satellite Centre Director S. Shankaran, and , ISRO Telemetry, Tracking, and Command Network (ISTRAC) Director B.N. Ramakrishna extended a warm welcome to the PM, upon reaching ISRO, yesterday morning. And he greeted the three scientists with a hug.

Thereafter, PM addressed the gathering of scientists at ISRO’s Command Centre in a programme organised for the success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

“You have the people’s trust and blessings of Mother Earth to carry out this mission,” he said, referring to the scientists of ISRO.

The PM remarked that this mission is not only for India’s success but also for humanity. He added that all countries would be able to explored this mission.

“The pictures taken on the Moon are wonderful. First time in the history of the world, since the earth evolved, humans are seeing those pictures. India has done the job. You (ISRO scientists) have done the job. The whole world believes in the Indian scientific spirit, technology and capabilities of scientific temperament, expressed PM Modi.

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