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Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Potential Absence from G20 Summit Raises Questions

According to Reuters, Premier Li Qiang is expected to attend the G20 summit on September 9–10 instead of President Xi, as reported by Indian officials and sources from another G20 nation. This development comes as anticipation for a potential meeting between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden was high, especially after key U.S. officials recently visited Beijing.

Sources in China suggest Xi might not attend but lack specific reasons. Observers wonder about the impact on Sino-U.S. relations and the chance for dialogue between the presidents. Xi and Biden were expected to address trade and geopolitical disputes at the G20. Xi’s absence could alter summit dynamics.

The APEC Leaders Meeting in San Francisco from November 12 to 18 could facilitate a Biden-Xi meeting.Xi Jinping, despite limited foreign trips, recently participated in a BRICS leaders’ meeting, highlighting China’s global involvement.

During the Johannesburg BRICS summit, Xi and India’s PM Modi discussed easing tensions along their border.Official confirmations of Xi’s presence and Li Qiang’s potential representation will be closely watched, with significant implications for international and Sino-U.S. relations.

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