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CHOSEN by Dermatology Celebrates National Sunscreen Day by Launching the First-of-its-kind Interactive SPF Meter

Chennai based CHOSEN Store has launched an interactive Sun Protection Factor (SPF) meter on their website to celebrate National Sunscreen Day. The National Sunscreen Day falls on May 27 of every year. This interesting feature resembles a speedometer and is a first-of-its kind interactive SPF meter.

Check your SPF with CHOSEN’s SPF Meter

The unique SPF meter features a range of SPF values from 2 to 100 with a needle that indicates the selected SPF. Customers can instantly view the corresponding percentage of UVB protection with the movement of the needle. With these efforts, CHOSEN celebrates the importance of sunscreen and its key role in preventing pigmentation and photoaging in Indian skin types.

“With the launch of this SPF meter, CHOSEN aims to create awareness among people that the increase in protection becomes less significant after reaching a certain SPF level. It highlights the need to take additional sun protection measures like using oral antioxidants and using physical sun protection measures like wearing protective clothing,” said Ms Punitha Vijayakrishnan, Head of Marketing Operations, CHOSEN by Dermatology.

“Not many understand the concept and how SPF works. By understanding the actual percentage of UVB rays blocked at different SPF levels, customers can make informed decisions and prioritize their skins health by choosing the right sunscreen,” she added.

Easily accessible on the website, this interactive feature allows customers to explore the different levels of sun protection offered by various SPF ratings on sunscreen labels. With the new SPF meter, CHOSEN furthers its mission to educate and empower its customers. The intuitive speedometer-style design facilitates interactive exploration, enables customers to learn more about the meaning of SPF labelling on sunscreens.

To create awareness and the importance of SPF, CHOSEN is offering its valuable customers a chance to save on all sun care products this Sunscreen Day weekend.

For further information, please visit chosenstore.in.

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