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CM Mann assures citizen’s safety amid Amritpal case

Punjab CM Bhagwant Singh Mann spoke to the citizens via a video.

Punjab CM Bhagwant Singh Mann, addressing the public in a video today, assured the citizens that they are safe in the hands of the government. The highly volatile Amritpal Singh’s case has created a turmoil in the state, and situation is quite tense.

Khalistan sympathizer and Waris De Punjab leader Amritpal Singh’s case is the new hot topic, with it getting attention from countries across the globe. The government is under a lot of pressure from both the Centre and the Judiciary. This comes after the accused managed to escape police custody. The Punjab government in reply has invoked the National Security Act to capture the absconder.

CM Mann, in his first address after the showdown, talked about how the state and citizens of Punjab have always led the country forward. He further stated that the Aam Aadmi Party will work tirelessly, day and night to make sure to get rid of all anti-social elements harming the state and its people. Be it the freedom struggle or the Green Revolution, Punjab has always been looked upon with respect and the party will make sure to maintain that reputation.

“No one will be allowed to disturb communal amity in the state. Maintaining peace in Punjab is of utmost priority to us,” Mann added.  The Chief Minister stressed upon the fact that their party’s aim to provide good education to the youth and will not allow them to be led astray by external forces and social evils like Waris De Punjab. He also went on to thank the people of Punjab, who have been strong and supportive of both the government and the police in this time of crisis and have been like a backbone to him.

What remains to be seen is how the case processes, especially with the on-going G20 Summit in cities across the country.

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