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CM of Delhi writes a letter to the PM over the concessions given to the elderly

The Chief Minister of Delhi has addressed a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting that senior folks once again be given preferential treatment when traveling by train.

On Twitter, Kejriwal disseminated the letter with the following request: “Please do not discontinue the discount that is offered to senior citizens on the railroads.” This concession helps hundreds of millions of elderly people.

He referred to the decision to abandon the concession as “unfortunate,” and he continued by saying, “in our ego, we should not forget that it is the elderly people whose blessings keep us going in life.”

In light of this decision, he compared it to an initiative taken by the government of Delhi to provide free pilgrimages for anyone over the age of 60. He remarked that “Delhi is making progress because it has the blessings of the elderly.”

The statement that “it is not about the money but the intention behind it” was a jab at the federal government that he made. He stated that 1,600 crore rupees is a relatively insignificant amount in the context of the union budget and that the government ought to spend that money on the concession because the amount will neither make them wealthy by saving it nor impoverish them by spending it.

The concessions that were offered to senior citizens by the federal government while they were traveling on railways were terminated in the year 2020. In order to prevent older people from traveling during the pandemic, this measure was taken.

A decision was made not too long ago by a legislative committee to bring back the discount that is offered to older persons who travel on Indian trains.

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