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Congress Launches ‘Mission Karnataka’ to Secure Majority in Crucial Assembly Elections

In a bid to secure a majority in the upcoming Karnataka assembly elections, the Congress Party has launched “Mission Karnataka,” a campaign to focus on the 70-odd seats that are considered “touch-and-go” in terms of winning or losing.

According to sources, the Congress has put all hands on deck for the mission, with party leaders and workers being deployed to these crucial seats. The Congress is aiming to win at least 50 seats in the assembly elections to secure a majority.

The party has identified the 70-odd seats as crucial to their chances of winning the elections. These seats are reportedly evenly balanced, with the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) having an almost equal chance of winning.

As part of the mission, the Congress is focusing on improving its ground-level presence and strengthening its booth-level management. The party has also been conducting door-to-door campaigns to reach out to voters and is using social media to amplify its message.

The Congress is hoping that its efforts will help it regain power in Karnataka after losing to the BJP in the previous assembly elections. The party is banking on anti-incumbency sentiment against the ruling party and is highlighting issues such as unemployment, rising fuel prices, and agrarian distress.

With the assembly elections scheduled for next year, the Congress is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to win the crucial 70-odd seats and secure a majority in the Karnataka assembly.

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