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Congress MPs Criticize Speaker and Sansad TV in Letters Addressing Manipur Peace Resolution

In a series of assertive gestures, Lok Sabha Congress MPs have raised their voices on multiple fronts, expressing concern over recent developments within the parliamentary arena. In three separate letters addressed to Speaker Om Birla, the legislators have not held back in addressing their grievances on matters ranging from the treatment of Rahul Gandhi’s speech to what they perceive as partisan behavior by Sansad TV during a significant debate.

In the first letter, the Congress MPs sharply criticized the decision to expunge certain words from Rahul Gandhi’s maiden speech after his reinstatement as an MP. The lawmakers deemed this action unwarranted, particularly since they argued that the language used by their own party member did not contain any defamatory implications. In the letter, they highlighted the Speaker’s power to seek and accept clarifications from concerned members regarding their remarks. They urged the Speaker to reconsider the expunction after obtaining a clarification, as outlined in the Speaker’s Directions.

Another letter from the Congress MPs took aim at Sansad TV, alleging that the channel exhibited a “shamefully partisan manner” during the recent No-Confidence motion debate. The MPs underscored that while Opposition members were expressing their lack of confidence in the Council of Members, Sansad TV’s ticker displayed the achievements of various ministries. The MPs lauded the Speaker for addressing this concern swiftly but emphasized that such bias should never have arisen in the first place. They specifically highlighted the telecast of Rahul Gandhi’s speech, noting that while he spoke for 37 minutes, the camera focused on his face and expressions for only 11 minutes. This discrepancy, they argued, stifles the Opposition’s ability to effectively convey their perspectives to the wider audience.

Moreover, the Congress legislators demanded that the Speaker summon the relevant officials to prevent such incidents of perceived bias from recurring on Sansad TV. They reminded the Speaker that the channel is funded by taxpayers and thus belongs to the entire parliamentary body, not just the ruling party.

In a gesture that highlights their commitment to broader issues, the Congress leaders put forward a third letter to the Speaker, proposing a draft resolution to appeal for peace in Manipur. The letter suggested that the Speaker take the lead in presenting this resolution on behalf of the entire house, with the goal of securing unanimous adoption. This move underscores the Congress party’s dedication to national harmony and stability.

As these letters mark a strong stance from the Congress MPs, they reveal the party’s determination to ensure equitable treatment within the parliamentary proceedings and to address the perceived biases that they believe may be undermining the democratic process. These bold actions are likely to resonate within the political landscape, prompting further discussions and considerations among both the ruling party and the Opposition.

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