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Congress Prepares to Address Key Issues in Upcoming Special Session of Parliament

Sonia Gandhi, Congress Parliamentary Party chairperson, has initiated contact with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is done amid the government’s silence on the upcoming special Parliament session starting on September 18. This action was decided upon at a recent Tuesday Congress Parliamentary Strategy group meeting. Sonia Gandhi will write a letter to the prime minister on behalf of multiple opposition parties highlighting the concerns.

Important Matters to Address

Congress party plans to draw attention to a number of important topics, including:

Price increase: The Indian people are very concerned about inflation and the growing costs of basic goods. Congress plans to discuss this matter and look for alternatives to lessen the load on the average person.

Manipur’s political climate has been characterized by unpredictability. The Congress wants to educate the public about the problems in the area. Also, they want to work to find solutions that would advance stability and peace.

Adani controversy: Recent developments in the Adani controversy have prompted debate concerning the impact of business on politics. In these situations, the Congress demands accountability and transparency.

Border Standoff with China: The Congress wants to make sure the government offers a thorough report on the situation. The border standoff with China has been a recurrent concern.

Attack on the Federal Structure: The consolidation of power in India’s democracy’s federal structure are of utmost importance. The Congress wants to deal with these issues.

Other opposition parties have backed the Congress party in its effort to bring up these important topics. It was subsequently decided that Sonia Gandhi would write the letter to the Prime Minister. There were debates over whether it should be written jointly on behalf of the Opposition INDIA group. This shows some agreement between the opposition parties about how to handle these issues.

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