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Controversy Over ‘One’ Film Reflects Kerala’s Political Climate

The debate started when a Congress party member complained to the Election Commission that the movie had breached the Model Code of Conduct, which forbids parties and candidates from utilising films or other forms of media to sway voters. The Election Commission, however, dismissed the case, claiming that the movie did not break any rules.

Despite this, the film’s controversy persisted, with some activists and opposition leaders advocating for a boycott of the movie. The movie has, however, been defended by supporters of the government, who claim that it is a work of fiction and shouldn’t be interpreted as a political statement.

The controversy has raised questions about the role of cinema in Kerala’s political and social landscape. Kerala has a long tradition of filmmaking, with cinema often being used as a medium to comment on social and political issues. However, the current controversy over ‘One’ has highlighted the extent to which filmmakers should be allowed to express their political views through their work.

The movie has been a commercial success despite the controversy, with many Keralan venues reporting packed houses. Santhosh Viswanath, the film’s director, has denied having any political allegiances and insisted that the movie is a work of fiction that should be evaluated on its artistic merits.

As Kerala gears up for assembly elections, the debate over “One” is likely to persist in the state’s political and social circles in the upcoming months. The dispute has also brought attention to the value of free speech in a democratic society and the necessity of striking a balance between artistic expression and social responsibility.

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