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CRPF head constable has hand chopped off by husband

Slashers have become a permanent fixture of Hollywood, since the time of the 70s, where Carrie, based on the Stephen King thriller terrified audiences, further progressed by the Nightmare on Elm Street, which had future waiting-star-in-tinseltown of Hollywood, Johnny Depp and then the gruesome thrillers of extra gore, for all gorehounds, then there’s the Hills have Eyes series and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre ones as well.

I would not say I am a gorehound, because I actually dislike the idea of the violence I see being perpetrated in whatever film or book I am reading( reading about Jeffrey Dahmer and true crime in general does involve a lot of gore so proceed with caution, fellow true crime readers). India has had its share of terrifying horror films, I recall being terrified by the Murder series, especially Murder 2 where an idol maker stabs very horrifyingly with a sharp, pointed staff repeatedly, something very out of the world for my 11 year old self back then.

In now something out of the slasher movies that I have described above, a CRPF head constable has had her hand chopped off by her husband, owing to an argument. The gruesome scene happened in a hotel in Adarsh Nagar, that hearkens to the northwestern part of Delhi. The convicted husband who has now been booked under article 307( this article pertains to attempt to murder) and he is currently at large, a n incident that has sent shockwaves in both legal and social circles, with the husband at large currently.

To give an update on the case, the victim is currently in a semi conscious state at Babu Jagjivan Ram hospital so while details are being corroborated, the victim is not in a position to answer

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