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Defense Ministry signed 3 contracts to improve Defense proficiency

Defense Ministry signed 3 contracts to improve proficiency

The Ministry of Defense signed three contracts on Wednesday. The first two contracts were signed with Bharat Electronics limited (BEL) and the other contact was signed with NewSpace India Limited (NSIL). These contracts were signed by the Ministry of Defense to support and strengthen the defense capabilities of our country. The total cost of these contracts is around Rs. 5400 crores.

The first contract which was signed with BEL concerns the obtainment of the Automated Air Defense Control & Reporting System ‘Project Akashteer’ for the Indian Army. This project is worth around Rs. 1982 crores. The second contract includes the acquisition of Sarang Electronic Support Measure (ESM) systems. Along with this, the Defense Ministry also got the Engineering Support Package from BEL, Hyderabad at an overall cost of Rs 412 crore for the Indian Navy.

The contract signed with NSIL is related to a Central Public Sector Enterprise under the Department of Space in Bengaluru. With the help of this contract, the Defense Ministry wants to obtain an advanced Communication Satellite, GSAT 7B which will provide helpful services to the Indian Army at a cost of Rs. 2963 crores. All these projects are under the Buy Indigenously Designed Developed and Manufactured (IDDM) category.

What is “Project Akashteer” ?

Also known as the Automated Air Defense Control & Reporting System. This project will help improve and empower the Air Defense units of the Indian Army. The focus of Project Akashteer is to monitor low-level air spaces over the battle areas of Indian Army. This project will also help control the Ground Based Air Defense Weapon Systems.

More on Advanced Communication Satellite

This satellite will help enhance the communication ability of the Indian Army by providing out-of-sight related information to the army troops. This geostationary satellite is one of a kind and is designed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). This satellite will tremendously help the Indian Army. For more such updates and important headlines subscribe to STMN News. Protest in Kerala on operation for capturing rouge elephant

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