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Delhi Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena Praises G20 Summit Infrastructure, Shifts Focus to City Beautification

On Saturday, Delhi Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena said that the infrastructure of the national capital should be such that large-scale events like the G20 Summit can be conducted with just a week’s notice. He also emphasised that a lot of work has been done in this area over the previous two months. In an interview with PTI, he expressed his gratitude for all the agencies’ and officials’ efforts and hard work, and he said the final touches will be applied by Saturday night.

Saxena emphasised that the G20 Summit has resulted in the creation of numerous long-lasting assets for the city and asked citizens to take care of them and prevent vandalism.

“We will focus on beautifying the entire city now,” he remarked.

When asked about the disagreements that arose in the lead-up to the Summit over the amount of money spent and the “Shivling”-shaped fountains, he responded, “I do not want to go into the controversies.”

He added that little money has been spent on improving the appearance of the city and that many of the objects have been donated as part of CSR programmes.

In response to the Shivling controversy, he stated, “What they are calling ‘Shivling’ is the imagination of the sculptor. There is God in every particle of the country. It is fine if they see God in it, but I only see it as an artefact. I cannot comment on others’ opinions.”

A “credit” battle has also broken out in recent days when AAP government ministers made site inspections on Summit-related construction in the city.

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