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Delhi Police Secures Custody of Alleged Mastermind in Lok Sabha Security Breach

Unraveling Motives: Key Suspect Lalit Jha's Seven-Day Custody Granted by Court

In a dramatic turn of events, the Delhi Police has successfully secured custody of Lalit Jha, a West Bengal-based teacher allegedly involved in orchestrating the Lok Sabha security breach on December 13. The police, presenting their case to the Patiala House Court on Friday, emphasized the crucial need to acquire Lalit’s phone to unravel the complete plot behind the incident and ascertain the motive.

According to the Delhi Police, Lalit played a pivotal role in planning and executing the attack, assigning specific duties to individuals named Sagar, Manoranjan, Neelam, and Amol. To delve deeper into the intricacies of the conspiracy, the police asserted the necessity to take Lalit to different cities and locations. Additionally, recovering Lalit’s mobile phone is deemed essential to uncover the primary motive behind the security breach, the police informed the court.

After the arrest of his accomplices on Wednesday, Lalit Jha managed to evade authorities by fleeing to Rajasthan. Reports suggest that he was actively involved in recording a protest video featuring Neelam Azad and Amol Shinde outside the Parliament. Making a swift escape, Lalit took a bus to Nagaur in Rajasthan, where he spent the night in a hotel while meeting two friends.

Realizing that he was being actively pursued, Lalit took matters into his own hands and decided to return to Delhi. The police disclosed that he voluntarily visited the police station, leading to his subsequent arrest and the commencement of an intensive interrogation.

In a significant development, the Patiala House Court granted the Delhi Police a seven-day custody of Lalit Jha to further investigate his role and unravel the complexities surrounding the Lok Sabha security breach.

The alleged mastermind’s journey from orchestrating the attack to attempting to escape justice, followed by his voluntary surrender, adds a layer of intrigue to the ongoing investigation. As the Delhi Police delve into the motives and details behind this security breach, the custody of Lalit Jha marks a crucial step forward in bringing clarity to this high-profile incident.

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