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Depp vs Heard, the infamous celebrity trial, now a popular Netflix attraction 

Netflix has made ubiquitous things that were earlier the domain of the newspapers. In no way am I claiming that the renowned OTT platform shall cause the demise of the print industry, it has rather changed the movie world. But it is gradually changing the entertainment news section, what you earlier waited for in the notorious Page 3, now you can see the same for yourself on Netflix. And to be fair, reading about the scandal of your favourite celebrity sounds boring compared to actually watching it on Netflix, what with the live footage and all. There was a time where writers like Gene Fowler, Hunter S Thompson made pop culture jump out of the pages through the might of their pen( to be fair, their own lives were comparable to pop culture headlines) but those days would be inspire shock and disgust today, it was a different viewership back then after all. 

Celebrity culture has grown a lot in the past 100 years, for both progressive and paradoxical reasons. The celebrities of the past were inaccessible like gods, and while the tabloid industry covered them like it does today, it did not happen on a regular basis and the only time you could catch a glimpse of them was if you caught their movie or a public premiere. Social media has made them more accessible, where they give updates on their own lives regularly, so the question pops up as to whether they are celebrities anymore or not.

Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, since we are talking about troubled celebrity couples.

The recent, terrifying and extraordinarily polarising trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Deppw that dominated the news world and showed the real darker side of celebrity culture which has been scrutinised above is now on Netflix. From influencer comments to violent clips and images that includes a severed finger tip is out on Netflix in much uncensored fashion. For Johnny fans this would be a must watch as well as for the ones that believe in social commentary.

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