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Desperate Efforts to Discredit Assam Rifles Army’s Spear Corps, in pictures

On Tuesday, the army declared that it, together with the Assam Rifles, would continue to be tough and decisive in carrying out operations to thwart any attempts that could lead to more violence in Manipur’s conflict-torn state.

The Assam Rifles, which have been working to restore peace in ethnically violent Manipur, have been the target of fictional attempts to damage their reputation, according to a statement from the Army’s Spear Corps on Twitter.

The Assam Rifles, in particular, have been working tirelessly to save lives and restore peace in Manipur since May 3, according to the statement. “Some hostile elements have made desperate, repeated, and unsuccessful attempts to question the role, intent, and integrity of the central security forces, especially Assam Rifles,” it said.

The army stated that it is important to comprehend that occasionally, discrepancies at the tactical level do arise between different security forces because of how complicated the situation is in Manipur.

The combined mechanism, however, instantly addresses all such functional misinterpretations in order to coordinate the efforts to bring peace and normalcy back to Manipur.

According to the army, in the first instance, the Assam Rifles battalion operated strictly in compliance with the Unified Headquarters’ directive to enforce the buffer zone guidelines severely in an effort to stop violence between the two communities.

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