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Discovered 62 new moons orbiting around Saturn

A team of astronomers has recently discovered 62 new moons in the orbit of Saturn. Saturn brings the ring-like structure of natural satellites over 100 and helps the gas giant as the crown of the solar systematural satellites over 100 and helps the gas giant as the crown of the solar system. Jupiter is also known as the ‘moon king’.

Before this finding, Saturn had 83 moons detected by the International Astronomical Union. The total number of Saturn moons is 145, but Jupiter has dethroned Saturn as a moon after adding it, making it a total of 12 moons in the month of February, according to IAU designation.

Now come to the point of the new moon discovery that was done by the team of Edward Ashton, a student and research scholar at Academia Sinai. Institution of Astronomy, they used the technique “shift and stack” to find smaller and fainter moons around Saturn.

The technique used in the principle of set image shifting at the same speed as those who move through the sky works to establish connections between signals from the moon.

Moons that are detected or seen through their image can reveal themselves in the stacked image. The scholar who started the work on the project with his team member at the University of British Columbia used the record data (CFHT). This is located on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, in the years 2019 and 2021.

Earlier, astronomers used the technique called “shift and stack” for moon research around the ice giants Neptune and Uranus, but Neptune and Uranus are the solar system’s second-largest planets.

Moons are characterised by their large elliptical and inclined orbits, with the exception of the irregular class of moons. Irregular moons have the tendency to jump into orbital groups based on their tilt angle.

The new moons have been assigned their names based on strings of number and letter names that look like Gallic, Norse, and Canadian Inuit gods.

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