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Earth-sized planet discovered covered by volcanoes

The planet LP791-18 d exhibits behaviour similar to Jupiter’s moon LO, which was most volcanically active.

Recently, astronomers discovered a planet of Earth’s size outside the solar system. The majority of the exoplanet is covered in volcanoes, according to CNN. They used data that was collected from NASA’s planet-hunting Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite based on the technology of the Spitzer Space Telescope. The research was published in a journal in a newspaper.

Spitzer’s observation of the system was claimed to be the last satellite collected before it was decommissioned in January 2020.

This planet was located about 90 light years away from the distance travelled by light in a year (9.5 trillion kilometres) for the Earth Crater constellation and orbits.

Two other planets, including LP791-18b, are estimated to be 20 times bigger than Earth.

Because these planets have a tendency to shift their orbit paths, that’s why they are slightly oval-shaped. Elliptical revolutions cause the planet to heat up from the inside, driving volcanic activity.

One of the authors and researchers, Professor Ian Crossfield from the University of Kansas astronomy department, said that “there is not yet direct observational evidence of an exoplanet, but the planet has likely indicated that.”

The same phenomena work on the caught in gravitational crossfire between Jupiter and larger moons report based on CNN.

LP791-18d does not rotate with one side full of light and another side full of darkness. In our solar system, Earth and Venus have the properties of volcanoes.

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