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Elon Musk comments on India’s growing population

According to the latest United Nations projections, India will overtake China to become the world’s most populous country on July 1, when India’s population reaches 1.429 billion. While this is ringing alarm bells on a number of fronts, Twitter CEO Elon Musk believes the country’s demographics will determine how things unfold.

Elon Musk has long been committed to fighting an aging population.
The Billionaire has been trying to enter the Indian market for years now but has been unsuccessful due to the import taxes. His cars Tesla may have a demand in the country with the rich and populous willing to spend the money.
“Demographics are doomed,” Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday, ranking countries based on population estimates, with India at the top of the list. Billionaires have long advocated increasing fertility to combat an aging population. “Depopulation due to declining fertility rates is a far greater risk to civilization than global warming,” he tweeted in August.

Elon Musk even has a solution to the resource shortage problem. He aims to colonize Mars and develop human civilization there.

India’s youth population
The average age of the Indian population he is 28.2 years old. The average Chinese is 39, so the average Indian is 10 years younger than the average Chinese. India has a large workforce for years to come, which is often cited as a potential asset for the country’s future economic growth.

But to reap the full benefits of the demographic dividend, we need strong government action. As Amartya Sen argues in his famous book Development as Freedom:
“The success of the demographic dividend depends on investments in education, health and social infrastructure that enable young people to fully participate in the modern economy.”

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